Resident Associations play a critical role in enhancing quality of life of a country and Kenya is no exception. In Kenya, the idea of forming a resident association as a vehicle for consolidating and promoting social action for communities within a particular geographical area is gaining ground and being embraced by communities across the country. Neighborhoods with functional resident associations have realized great milestones especially in finding solutions to their service delivery challenges. 

While most of the Associations have been formed with a goal to address service delivery and social needs of the communities, the contribution of the Associations to economic growth leading to quality of life is increasingly getting visible and recognized. It is becoming common for private sector players to forge partnerships with Resident Associations to promote their business and organizational goals. This contributes to the enhanced performance of the individual companies and by extension the economic and social growth of Kenya. The government is also embracing Resident Associations not just as channels for addressing service delivery challenges but also as tools for mobilizing citizen participation in developmental activities.  

To provide a platform for direct engagement between resident associations and service/goods providers from the public and private sector, Kara, in partnership with Nairobi City County Government has organized the 2nd expo and conference event to run from 1st to 3rd December 2017 at the Sarit Centre, Nairobi. The conference aspect of the event will provide a platform for national conversation on the contribution of resident association in enhancing quality of life and explore how this contribution can be nurtured, streamlined and up-scaled.

The theme of the event is: Enhancing quality of urban life in Kenya through resident associations. Besides the expo and conference, The Kara Resident Associations Excellence Awards will also be hosted to celebrate and award Resident Associations (Download awards form here)

That have excelled in carrying out their mandate and created significant positive impact on their communities and Kenya. The Associations will be identified through a transparent and competitive process and recognized at the event.

About the Expo & Conference

Kara Business Expo and Conference is an annual event that brings together thousands of visitors and tens of exhibitors to network, show-case their work and seal business deals.

The event is organized by Kara in collaboration with Nairobi City County Government and is aimed at promoting interaction and sealing of deals between resident associations and the goods/services providers from the private and public sectors.

The event is designed to provide great value to both visitors and exhibitors who get an excellent opportunity to create new business leads and enhance brand  visibility in the marketplace. It is also an ideal venue to introduce new product or service; connect with existing or potential customers; shop for new innovative products and services and gain invaluable industry insights.

At the Kara Business Expo & Conference, you will find a hub of activity and inspiration to help grow your business. There is something for businesses at every stage, whether mature and successful, in need of help and support in specific areas, or even if you’re dreaming of setting up your own business. A wide variety of business types showcase their products or services and are ready to engage and provide solutions to visitors and fellow exhibitors.

The 2016 expo recorded great success with over 70 exhibitors and 4,000 patrons. We intend to make this year’s event bigger, more exciting and value-adding